Monday, February 20, 2017

Microsoft Word and Searching the Online Catalog

The second grade students have been learning how to use Microsoft Word to type documents. We have practiced how to type words and leave space between words and paragraphs. After typing their document they learned how to change the look of their document by changing the font type, color, font size, and the alignment of the document. They will use what they have learned to type up information they have been learning in their classroom.

The third and fourth grade students have been learning how to search for books using the online card catalog. They have learned how to search by title, author, and subjects to look for library books. They are able to search at home if they would like by visiting The library name is carptest and they can leave the password box blank. They have learned how to tell if a book is currently checked in or out, how many copies the library owns, and where it is located in the library.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pete the Cat

The month of January was busy getting ready for our visit to see Pete the Cat the Musical in Dubuque on February 6th. We were busy reading a lot of Pete the Cat books and doing activities to go along with them. Students also got to experience a Breakout EDU kit for the first time this month. Students had to find clues around the room to help Pete the Cat find his magic sunglasses that were locked inside of the box. Most classes were able to break into the box and save the magic sunglasses to help Pete.

The kids had a great time at the musical! Most had never experienced anything like it in the past and were excited to ride on a school bus with their class to see the performance. The kids were all well behaved and polite kids around the others in the theater.