Carpenter students may have two books checked out at a time. For students doing 
Accelerated Reader they may check out one AR book and one free choice book at a time.

First grade students at Shannon can have two books checked out at a time. 
The kindergarten students are allowed to check out one book at a time.

Books are checked out for two weeks at a time. After that they may be renewed 
until the students are finished with the books.

Overdue slips are printed once a month and handed out to students just to remind them they have the book and they need to renew it or return the book to the library. At Shannon, students are more likely to put their book back on the 
shelf before it gets checked back in. If your student comes home with an overdue slip 
for a book they have returned please just send me an email and I will check on the 
shelves harder and let you know if I found the book.

Students at Carpenter are able to check out magazines. If students check out a magazine
this counts as their free choice book. These will check out for a week at a time as well. 
They will be checked out in large manilla envelopes, if the magazine comes back 
damaged and ripped students will need to pay the fine to repair it.

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