Teacher Tools

Teacher Tools

Here is a list of new teacher tools I have learned about at trainings. If you would like to try one of these out or learn more about it please just let me know, I would be happy to come in and show you and explain more.

Seesaw - Online student portfolio, easy to access on iPads or laptop computers. The students can input pictures, videos, record their own voice, draw pictures, or write text to create a post. You can increase your communication to parents at home by sharing a link that they can access their student's portfolio anytime. I am a trained Seesaw Ambassador so I have a lot of ways you can incorporate this into a variety of subject areas. I have all of the classes already setup and have introduced it to most classes, so it would be easy to try and use in your classroom.

Breakout EDU - I attended a session on this at iPadU this summer and have since purchased a box to use because it was such a great experience. With BreakoutEDU you can have the students work together as a whole class or you can break them up into smaller groups, they have to find clues around the room to "break out of the room and get free" or find clues to help them break into the box. The students are given a scenario and then find things around the room, some are real clues, others are just papers to try and trick them. The website has a variety of games for all grade, subject, and ability levels already created. If you need the password to check out the games just let me know and I can share it with you. I have a box and the locks that can be used if anyone is interested. I have done a breakout game with 3rd and 4th graders and they loved it, they were very engaged! I would be happy to help you try one in your classroom!

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