Thursday, March 23, 2017

Community Helper Research

The first grade students have been learning about community helpers in their reading series this month. In library class students did additional research with a partner about a job that they selected. They had to write down facts they learned about that job after reading a book and finding information on the PebbleGo research website. Students were trying to find out what the job was, where they work, what they wear at their job, the tools that they use, and other fun facts. Students picked their three favorite facts to say in a video. The students created a Tellagami which is an app that allows students to design their person, select a background image, and talk for thirty seconds. Students were able to select what their person looked like, they used a picture of their job as a background image and had to share three facts about their jobs. The students then uploaded them to Seesaw so their classmates and family members could view their videos. The students worked very hard on their videos.