Thursday, November 3, 2016

Library Stations and Blue-bots

The Shannon students have been learning about working in stations and centers this week. Students rotated between four stations in library class and got to work with legos, blocks, magnet tiles, and robotics. Students worked collaboratively and helped one another to create things with legos, building blocks, or magnetic shapes. The students were very creative and had many vehicles, cities, and objects created throughout the week.

 A new station that was introduced this week was the Bluebot station. Bluebots were purchased by the PTO to be used at Shannon during the school year. A bluebot is a robotic device that works by the students programming him to move in different directions on the map. A bluebot can be programmed to move forward, backward, right, or left. Students had to use the directions cards to show which way it should travel and had to learn to adjust their directions if they did not get to their destination on the map the first time.

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