Friday, November 11, 2016


This week at Carpenter school the second, third, and fourth grade students enjoyed creating a variety of things during Makerspace week in media class. Seven stations were setup that students could choose from during library class. One of the more popular areas was the Lego tables; one lego table was the community table that anything that was built at that table stayed up all week long and students from other classes could add onto their creations. At the other lego table students could make things but then take them apart before they left library class.
2nd graders add on to others lego creations
Another popular station was the Make It Station. At this station students are allowed to use a variety of craft supplies to create anything they can imagine. Supplies like toilet paper rolls, duct tape, colored noodles, ribbons, yarn, tissue paper, etc are used in this station. If anyone has supplies similar to this that they would like to donate to the library that would be appreciated. Feel free to send them into school with your child or drop them off at Carpenter School.

Second graders get creative at the Make-It station
Mrs. Lambert's third grade class is very creative! 

Fourth graders work together and learn how to use the Cubelets 
Station three and four used Bluebots and Cubelets. Students got to use Bluebots for the first time and learned how to program them to move around the board. They learned how to move around the board to land on the letters that are in their name or on names of their family members. Fourth grade students used Cubelets for the first time. They were given the devices and a few directions and had to figure out how they all worked. Students tested out many methods and figured out how to get them to move around the table at different speeds and how to make different cubes light up or move in a circle.

Third grader programs the bluebot around the board.
Third grader, Alexis programs the bluebot to find lots of letters.

Station five was the Osmo Station. Students could use the two Osmo devices and got to decide which game they wanted to use. The Osmo games that they could choose from helped them with their art skills on Masterpiece, learning about science with Newton, learning about math with Numbers, their spelling with the Words game, learning about being creative with the Monster game, working with shapes with Tangrams, or how to code with the Coding game. This was the first time they had tried out the coding game and many students enjoyed that one the most.
Third graders playing the Numbers game on the Osmo.
2nd graders helping one another on the Osmo devices.

Station six was the Make-Do Station. At the Make-Do Station students got to be creative with cardboard. The make-do's are plastic screws, screwdrivers, saw, and hole puncher that students can use to attach a variety of cardboard pieces together to make something. Students made things like doll houses, a house for rats and mice, instruments, and devices to hold school supplies. Every time we have this station we get new and different things created by the students.

Jordyn C works on creating with the Make-Do supplies.
2nd graders love to create with cardboard!

The last station that the kids could do was a Kindness station. Since it is Veterans Day on Friday the students could select from a bunch of Veterans Day cards, letters, posters, to decorate and give out to Veterans that they know around the community or in their family.

Fourth graders make cards for Veterans.
In the future we will be using the tool chest and tools that I received from them Iowa STEM grant called, Making STEM Connections. From this grant we have a kit at both Carpenter and Shannon that includes a sewing machine, GoPro Camera, tools, hot glue guns, legos, duct tape, batteries, and motors. We will be learning how to use these supplies safely in the classroom and in the library.

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